Hard Floor Care

Our commercial hard floor cleaning company in Austin offers expert services for tile and hardwood floor cleaning, ensuring a pristine and well-maintained environment. With our floor cleaning and buffing expertise, we provide exceptional results that exceed expectations.

Professional Commercial Floor Cleaning

DH Cleaning provides commercial floor cleaning services that fit your unique needs. Our professional team is highly experienced in working with a range of flooring types, including tile, hardwood, vinyl, concrete, marble and more. Flooring quickly shows signs of wear and tear in a commercial setting, and a dirty floor can make the rest of the room feel unkempt, affecting the experience of your visitors and employees.

Our deep floor cleaning services keep your space feeling fresh and welcoming, and can also extend the life of any wax or protective coating as well as the flooring underneath. Whether you need daily, weekly, or even monthly professional floor cleaning services, we are here to help.

Personalized Services

We will work with you to create a professional cleaning schedule that meets your budget and preferences

Eco-Friendly Products

We limit the use of harsh chemicals while incorporating green practices such as using reusable microfiber cloths

Sanitation Services

Our Electrostatic Sanitizing services remove bacteria, viruses, mold and more without the use of chemicals

Detailed Cleaning

Our experienced staff pay special attention to door handles, buttons, and shared surfaces to limit the spread of infection

Waxing and Finishing

In some cases, the wax coating or protective finishing on a floor has deteriorated and needs to be removed and recoated. We offer stripping and refinishing services to restore floors to their full shine and luster. This not only instantly improves the look of your building but can also improve the longevity of your floors.

Routine Cleaning and Upkeep

Routine floor cleaning, including burnishing or spray buffing, is important for preserving the aesthetic of your commercial space as well as extending the life of your flooring—whether it is hardwood, cement, tile, or other. Our highly-trained team of professional floor cleaners will make sure your floors are thoroughly washed, sanitized, buffed and polished. Whether you want to include floor cleaning as part of your regularly scheduled commercial cleaning with us, or want stand-alone floor cleaning services, we are here to help.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Getting your floors professionally cleaned is not just an aesthetic choice—it is a safe choice. Dirty, muddy, or grimy floors can pose a safety hazard to your employees and guests. By utilizing state-of-the art cleaning methods such as high pressure washing, buffing, stripping, waxing, finishing and more, we help you maintain a clean and safe workplace. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial floor cleaning.