Business and Commercial Cleaning Services

We provide business and commercial cleaning services in Austin, TX. Our cleaning company expert specializes in commercial cleaning, including carpet cleaning and janitorial services. We focus on maintaining pristine space with our commercial cleaning services in Austin, ensuring a clean and welcoming atmosphere for your clients and employees.

Office Cleaning Services in Austin, TX

A clean office space isn’t just safer and healthier for employees—but it contributes to positive workplace morale and a welcoming environment for guests. DH Cleaning offers professional cleaning services for offices and commercial buildings in Austin, TX. Our experienced team provides a wide range of services, from floor and carpet cleaning to Electrostatic Sanitizing to regularly scheduled janitorial services.

Fast, Efficient, and Detail Oriented

Our expert commercial cleaners work diligently to make sure your space is spotless. We pay special attention to doorknobs, buttons, and shared surfaces to limit the spread of infection while also getting to all the nooks and crannies and difficult-to-reach spots in your office.

Eco-Friendly Products and Processes

While many commercial cleaning products contain harsh chemicals and pollutants, DH Cleaning uses environmentally friendly materials whenever possible for our office cleaning services. We also limit our water usage and incorporate reusable microfiber cloths to further prevent environmental waste.

Attributes of Commercial Cleaning Services

Meeting OSHA Guidelines

If your workplace needs to adhere to specific OSHA guidelines, our expert team can help ensure you are in compliance

Floor and Carpet Services

We provide regular and as-needed floor and carpet cleaning services, including spot removal, buffing, polishing and finishing

Electrostatic Sanitizing

As an add-on service, we can provide specialty Electrostatic Sanitizing to further remove bacteria, viruses and pathogens from your office environment

Professional Standards

We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards, which means we will always respect your work environment, your employees and your privacy